Cookings Blends



*Herbal Note* Always shake up any cooking blends to redistribute the herbs throughout and pinch or crush your herbs just before adding to food. It is the oil in the leaves that contain the flavor; so crushing releases their oils and makes them more flavorful!

One ounce. $4.95 (includes shipping)


Chef's Delight Cooking Blend

A wonderful blend of herbs made with basil, parsley, savory, marjoram, lovage and thyme. An excellent all-purpose cooking blend!


Italian Seasoning Herb Blend

Adds wonderful flavor to all your Italian dishes! Contains basil, oregano, marjoram and parsley. Very well received!


Poultry Stuffing and Soup Blend

This is our #1 best seller! Excellent blend for stuffing, soups, chicken salad, eggs, etc. Anything with poultry! Contains sage, thyme, marjoram, lovage and parsley.