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Natural Herbal Pet Products


Everyone loves their pets, and we hand harvest, hand sew, and package our products. We don't sell anything that hasn't been tested and retested on our own pets.



Recycled Ralph the Catnip Mouse

This fun and festive catnip mouse is made out of recycled denims and bright, "hip" colored embroidery floss. Just $5.95

Plain and Simple Catnip

This is a one-ounce zip lock bag of healthy, all natural organic catnip. Ready for filling socks, muslin bags, or just sprinkle on the floor and watch the fun! Just $3.95


*Herbal Note* Pennyroyal is an excellent natural flea repellant. It was once called "Flea away" due to its excellent repelling qualities for fleas, mosquitoes, and black flies, etc. Native Americans showed our early settlers to rub the fresh leaves on their skin to help keep annoying bugs away!