Sleep Pillows


Sleep Pillows


Sleep pillows are an ancient form of relaxation and can be used to help relieve headaches. (Many are even used during chemotherapy and at Veteran's hospitals!) They are pretty little handmade pillows filled with sleep inducing herbs such as hops, mugwort, lavender, chamomile, etc. It has even been proven that it is possible to alter your dreams by smelling different scents as you sleep! Our sleep pillows come in four delightful scents and each comes in a pretty package and with easy to follow directions.


Just $11.95


Peaceful Slumber

Made with a delightful blend of rose petals, rosemary, lavender and hops.


Pleasant Dreams

A wonderful blend of mugwort, rose petals, chamomile, catnip and mints.


Travelers Comfort

A comforting blend of mugwort, rose petals, lavender and marjoram.


Pure Lavender

Made with our own natural home grown lavender right out of the garden. Our #1 seller which is also excellent for scenting linens, drawers, cars, closets, etc.


Balsam Pillows

Attractive little 5" by 5" pillows full of our own handpicked and stripped balsam needles. The delightful smell lasts forever!!!


*Herbal Note* Always be careful about what is in your sleep pillow. Potpourris or certain strong smelling herbs can actually give you very bad nightmares or headaches!